Monday, November 12, 2012

Hebrew studies:  Over the hump?

I have gotten back into things and am roughly half way through the second semester.  The grammar push is now winding down.  I have memorized the vocabulary for the first two semesters, which works out to about 600 or 700 words.  The total vocabulary of the Hebrew Bible is around 8,000 words, but I have learned the higher frequency ones.  The words for Ostrich, Ibex and Myrtle tree will just have to wait.  My Hebrew Bible has the lower frequency words in the margin, so I can now read along provided I can figure out the grammar.  There are also multiple meanings to the more frequent words which is creating a certain amount of confusion.

The studies now are getting more directly into the Biblical text, which is a big relief.  Earlier, the parsing of a sentence would be an exercise in total futility as nothing made sense unless the teacher provided things broken out word-for-word.  Now the reading proceeds along fairly quickly and it is more a matter of understanding the nuances.  This feels good, but I am afraid that the instructor is going to quickly take things to a whole different level.

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Delirious said...

What a great skill to have!!

I recently found an online "Book of Mormon pinyin" to use when studying it in Chinese. I think if I could use that, my chinese characters would improve.