Saturday, November 17, 2012

A Taste for Change.

There was a Chinese restaurant that my wife and I frequented for a few years.  It changed owners several times, but remained Chinese and always seemed to have a good business.  Then a few years ago it switched to "Miss Saigon".  Obviously no longer Chinese, but the business was always good for this Vietnamese restaurant and we went there often.  A few weeks ago, this one closed and re-opened as an Indian restaurant.  This probably makes it the 30th or 40th Indian restaurant to open in our area over the past two years.  We now have North Indian, South Indian, Indo-Pak, Vegetabletarian Indian, Halal Indian, Krishna Indian, Tandoori Indian and who knows what else Indian food.

For a time, I had been trained to believe that the world had two major categories of food.  Chinese food and Foreign food.  With Chinese having long ago lost the preeminence, I should probably revise this to admit that the two major categories are now just Indian food and Foreign food.


Delirious said...

We have one really good chinese restaurant in Antioch. I told everyone I knew about it because I wanted it to stay in business. :)

I like Indian food, but I couldn't eat it every day. I can eat chinese food every day though.

Looney said...

I am with you on that one!

Rummuser said...

The Indians are coming Looney. Learn to accept that inevitability. Their time to invade the world has come. If it is not Krishna, it will be Ramana!