Tuesday, October 23, 2012

One more early morning lake swim.

I should take my camera to get a view of the lake when it is still dark.  There is only one more such swim before the winter time/schedule changes force the swims to start later when it is light.  There was a lot of storminess and rain over the last two days, which left the air temperature down in the 40's and the water a tad cooler - probably around 65-67 degrees.  I had to get to a meeting at work, so cut the swim short with only 2,400 yards (2.1 km).  My nose pinch couldn't be located in the dark, so I swam without it and am now suffering from a case of "lake nose", which is an allergic reaction to the water.  The nose pinch showed up when I got out and it was light.  It actually had fallen out last Thursday, but the park is rarely visited now so it was still where it fell.

The cold shower outside is doing a great job at keeping the swimmers itch away.  It still seems odd to me that the cold shower seems warm, but the shower water was warmer than both the air and the lake.  This time I ended up shivering for the rest of the day.  Hopefully I can acclimate a little better.  Maybe I need to keep a winter parka at work.  One of the other swimmers has a similar problem where he can't get warm for many hours after the swims.  The other group members were telling me of last November when the air temperature was below freezing.  There is still much to look forward to!


Delirious said...

Do you not like wet suits?

Dee Ice Hole said...

Shivering is a sure sign of hypothermia---be careful about that.

Looney said...

@Delirious, I should probably post all my reasons for not wearing a wet suit!

Looney said...

@Dee Ice Hole, technically, I wasn't shivering until I got to work and had to spend all day in meetings!

The water actually feels warm towards the end. I always swim with at least one other person (regulation) and they tend to be very familiar with cold water training.