Sunday, October 07, 2012

Hebrew study update.

This has been a challenge.  The past several weeks have seen me doing overtime both during the weekdays and on Saturdays.  There is a good chance this will continue for another month.  The laptop crash didn't help and my Bibleworks CDs are bad so I can't get things re-installed.  With all that, I have not been making the schedule and my brain hasn't been fresh enough to study well when I do have time.

On a positive side, I have done fairly well memorizing the vocabulary.  The full verb conjugation table is something we are supposed to have memorized, down to the vowel markings and accents.  I haven't done this fully, but did have some time to re-memorize much of it.  Still the level of familiarity needed just isn't there yet.  I almost wish I could just start everything over so all the things that were barely stored in my brain the first time around could be put in more securely the second time.  I will be checking with my adviser for options ...


Max Coutinho said...

Hi Looney,

I know the feeling.

Soon you will realise that the vocabulary you memorised is a drop in the ocean; but do not feel discouraged - you will get there when you least expect it. Have you started reading the Torah in Hebrew? It helps to get the engine going (even for beginners).

Keep it up!

Looney said...

Thanks Max,

We have already been struggling through portions of the Bible. This was mostly scattered phrases for the first semester, but now we go through the book of Ruth and then the book of Jonah.

Max Coutinho said...


You are welcome. You will find that other Books are easier than the Torah (for some reason).