Monday, September 03, 2012

Preaching about Hell:  An analysis from The Economist.

The statistics clearly show that preaching about Hell reduces crime rates more than preaching about Heaven. Admittedly, I am always fond of a good old fashioned Turn-or-Burn sermon delivered by an eloquent and animated pastor.  It has probably been more than 40 years since I heard one.  About 25 years ago I remember hearing a flat one delivered by an Englishman, but he was flamed afterwards for not mentioning Jesus Christ as the alternative.

A few things stand out, like the degree to which primarily Catholic countries discount Hell.  Americans will be surprised to see that Sweden and Norway have higher crimes rates than we do.  The Scandinavians might be surprised too.  The Non-Catholic Christians seem to have the widest range of beliefs.  As the chart shows, Sweden, Norway and Germany engineered a better god who is too loving to send unrepentant sinners to the destination prepared for them.  What is happening in South Africa is something that raises an eyebrow, but I can't really comment.  It just make me wonder what kind of Christianity it is that they teach there.  Another outlier is Tanzania where belief in Hell exceeds belief in Heaven.

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Delirious said...

I have to admit that one thing I see over and over in the Book of Mormon, which most members kind of glide over when they read, is the consequence of not living right. The prophets really tried to remind the people of the permanence of the judgment. I kind of think that today we don't spend enough time preaching "hell fire and damnation".