Wednesday, September 26, 2012

November Election Issues:  Foreign Policy.

Every action causes a reaction.  Thus, any one policy action sets off an endless chain of actions and reactions that is so chaotic that no one can predict the outcome.  I would not find any inconsistency with an atheist who declares that only God knows whether a foreign policy action is for better or worse in anything beyond the immediate term.

With that consideration, we usually promote policies that we believe in as a nation.  In this case, the US has been mostly spreading the gospel of Democracy to the world.  Is that good?  I am skeptical.  The last time this was done was during the Peloponnesian Wars (431-401BC) when Athens tried spreading Democracy.  It didn't have a happy ending.  Then there is the minor detail that the US is supposed to be a Republic with democratic elements, rather than a pure Democracy.

I should be happier if the US decided to help spread the rule of law and free markets, but this would be quite hopeless.  The leftists on the surface believe rule of law, but they also believe that any statement can be given an infinite number of meanings, including the negation of the statement, thus, rule of law is quite meaningless in their world view.  Free markets are all about the government creating a level playing field under the rule of law, thus, the second depends on the first.  Again, the leftist believe that free markets are nothing more than legalized theft, so as soon as they gain control over a free market economy they begin directing the "theft" to benefit their constituents.  This is what is taught in American academia, rather than the correct notions.  With this kind of utter chaos in American teaching, I am not sure how we as a nation could sensibly spread Rule of Law and Free Markets to the world.  


Delirious said...

No rule of law? That sounds just like China! There is a law here, but everyone pretty much ignores the laws they don't like.

Looney said...

Yes, but the US local governments only enforce traffic laws because it is a money making enterprise!