Friday, September 28, 2012

November Election Issues:  Religious associations of the presidential candidates.

This is tricky.  Let's start with the obvious: There are very few presidents or vice presidents who have written down their systematic theologies.  Probably even fewer who have actually thought about the concept.  Rather than trying to deduce a presidents beliefs indirectly from statements made during a populist campaign or their actions in the heat of some hopeless political situation, we can look to their affiliations.  That can be problematic too, since some denominations are all over the map regarding theology and frequently their members have no idea what the preacher is talking about.  But I will take a stab at this anyways.

Christianity is my interest, so we must go through some basic principals here.  Christianity is a relationship with God through Jesus Christ.  There is a correct theology that heaven knows about, yet at the same time correct theology doesn't save you.  Otherwise, Satan would be more "saved" than any human theologian.  Humans don't know precisely what is correct, but I generally choose orthodox theology as being the best starting point.  Regardless, there are those who are saved by Christ and know almost nothing of Christian theology, while there are countless others who know Christian theology quite well, yet have rejected Christ as Lord and Savior.  

Keeping in mind that theological affiliations are poor guides, we can now proceed to rank Christian groups relative to their differences with orthodox theology.   We can use a list of presidents with their religious affiliations to help us with this.  

The list includes four Unitarians, who are a completely different religion from Christians.  Jefferson is listed as a Deist which is essentially a Unitarian.  The Republicans have offered up two Quakers for president, Hoover and Nixon.  The Quakers strive for moral perfection and see this as the end of their earthly activities, yet don't talk of Jesus as Lord and Savior.  They should be viewed as some sort of charismatic Unitarians with Christian trappings.  Kennedy was a Roman Catholic, which is a sect that is a long way from orthodox with their Popery, Mariolatry, indulgences, priests, redefining of sainthood, praying to saints, purgatory, grace as a commodity, ....  Of course you will see the story of Christ's death and resurrection in the art work of their churches, so the key items are still there, except that they are inefficiently taught due to all the baggage.

On the current US presidential tickets, we have Obama who was formerly associated with the United Church of Christ and Romney who is associated with the Mormons.  The vice presidential candidates are Biden and Ryan who are both Roman Catholics, although I seem to remember that Biden was rejected by his clergy.  An abortion promoting Catholic is a bit like a pork eating Orthodox Jew, so Biden's claim to being a Roman Catholic is somewhat awkward.  The interesting thing to ponder is which of those three groups (United Church of Christ, Mormon, Roman Catholic) is closest to orthodox Christianity. Considering the United Church of Christ, we find that they are a leading group in promoting Depravity as America's new national deity.  They may well be further from orthodox Christianity than atheism.  I will leave it as an exercise for the reader to figure out whether Mormons or Roman Catholics are closer to orthodox Christianity.


Delirious said...

I left a comment yesterday, but it didn't show. It could be that you deleted it. I'll try again, and if it doesn't show I'll stop commenting. lol It could also be that I failed the captcha test and didn't notice. :)

I'll speak up for the Mormon side. In our view, we are the most orthodox because we believe our church is the restored, original church of Jesus Christ. :)

Looney said...

I have only deleted about two or three comments in the history of my blog. One was at the request of a commenter, another was a crude advertisement. Maybe I deleted one or two of my own in the process of cleaning up typos.

Regarding what is orthodox, it will undoubtedly be cleared up fully in due time.

Delirious said...

By "due time", do you mean the second coming, or the election? lol The "cleared up" part is what makes me question. Because I don't know that the election will clear anything up. :)