Sunday, September 30, 2012

Laptop: New Disk Drive.

Hopefully this will stay up for another year.  The drive is a Samsung 256 Gb solid state disk for $219.  My kids will probably remind me that I could have donated 4 or 5 goats to poor people in the third world for this amount.  My response is that it is quite cheap compared to the first 400 megabyte drive that I bought ... for $30,000.  Four of those disk drives consumed the same amount of space as a kitchen refrigerator.  The new drive is much faster than the old, thus, allowing me to get all the windows drivers installed quickly through all the reboots.  There is still a lot of setup to do.


Inklings said...

I think it's nice you decided to stay online. :0)

Max Coutinho said...


Ah the life of Bloggers and other Virtual creatures! It is not easy being us lol. :)

I am glad you sorted everything out.