Sunday, September 09, 2012

Hebrew:  Struggling in the second semester.

I vowed to keep studying over the summer, but too many distractions caused things to be otherwise.  Now the price has to be paid.  Much of yesterday and today were dedicated to studying, but I still feel like I am falling behind.  Each evening when I get back from work requires me to take time out to review verbs, vocabulary, and hopefully get some of the videos as well as doing the homework.  Then there are the quizzes and exams coming up.  There are 26 lessons for this semester which are coming at the rate of about 2 per week.  This will continue until mid-December.


Max Coutinho said...


I am rooting for you :D.

All the best!

Looney said...


Delirious said...

You are inspiring me! I have a lot more free time now that I'm in China. I need to do something productive.