Sunday, August 12, 2012

Mentoring, as described in the Holy Scriptures.

"Then Telemachus went all alone by the sea side, washed his hands in the grey waves, and prayed to Minerva. 

"Hear me," he cried, "you god who visited me yesterday, and bade me sail the seas in search of my father who has so long been missing. I would obey you, but the Achaeans, and more particularly the wicked suitors, are hindering me that I cannot do so." 

As he thus prayed, Minerva came close up to him in the likeness and with the voice of Mentor. "Telemachus," said she, "if you are made of the same stuff as your father you will be neither fool nor coward henceforward, for Ulysses never broke his word nor left his work half done." - Homer, The Odyssey, Book II

I have not been too happy with the concept of Mentor/Mentoring/Mentee that has become all pervasive in Christian circles.  Mentor was in fact a pagan goddess who guided the son of Ulysses, Telemachus, on his voyages.  Does Christianity provide no concept of its own that we should need to use pagan concepts?  In fact, I think it is a symptom of a disease that effects much of evangelical Christianity, where the youth train the youth and the elders are off on some remote island in the ocean doing who knows what.

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