Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Josephus (37-100AD): Regarding California's proposed law allowing for children to have more than two parents.

"Nay, Caius's madness came to this height, that when he had a daughter born, he carried her into the capitol, and put her upon the knees of the statue, and said that the child was common to him and to Jupiter, and determined that she had two fathers, but which of these fathers were the greatest he left undetermined; and yet mankind bore him in such his pranks." - Antiquities of the Jews, Book XIX, chapter 1

This is with regard to the Roman emperor Caligula (12AD-41).  Caligula was crazed with sex, but this wasn't quite reflected in a, um, loving temperament.  Instead his greed was insatiable for the wealth of others and his brutality went beyond that of all Roman emperors.  Slaves were encouraged to report any wealth of their masters in return for a 1/8th share, while the masters would be executed and their wealth confiscated when found out.  The result was that the people of Rome lived in a state of terror, until Caligula was murdered at age 26.  His German soldiers - who were generously rewarded by him - then went on a rampage for a time killing anyone remotely associated with the assassination of Caligula.  Thus, the consequences of unrestrained "love".

Anyway, California is trying to formalize Caligula's poly-parent policy.  As the Bible says, " ... there is nothing new under the sun."  - Ecclesiastes 1:9.


Delirious said...

Well, considering they are trying to uphold same sex marriage, it's probably a good thing they are trying to legalize multiple parents, because polygamous marriages are the next in line for legalization, I'm sure.

Looney said...

I think you are right, except noting that the next letters of LGBT are Bisexual and Transgendered. It will not be a, um, traditional polygamy!