Thursday, July 26, 2012

Isaiah and Woe.

Isaiah is because I am taking an intensive seminary class on Isaiah.  Woe is because my internet at home is down and I am trying to get it back up. I have to head over to the public library or go to a coffee shop to get any internet.  The class has been good with Prof. Ron Allen giving us much instruction down to the discussion of Hebrew vocabulary and how their cognates in Ugaritic and Akkadian can be considered for better understanding.  Good thing I had one semester of Hebrew before signing up for this.  At least it is helping me to develop some enthusiasm for continuing the next two semesters of Hebrew, which should start a few weeks later.

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Inklings said...

I hope you get your internet back soon. I didn't have a computer for a week or so and it was pretty sad to discover how addicted I am to it.