Sunday, June 03, 2012

A turkey invites herself over for dinner.  There are a lot of strange things you can see here in California.

What you can't see is that she is bringing her babies along with her.  I only had my iPhone with me.


Delirious said...

How cute! I've had the turkeys coming down my street occasionally. I know they have been coming at times when I haven't seen them because I've been finding their scat on my front lawn. lol What surprises me is how high they can fly. They flew to the top of a two story house down the street. I never really thought of them as birds of flight.

Dr. Russell Norman Murray said...


Inklings said...

I was going to ask you if she was coming to BE dinner until you said she brought her babies with her.

Looney said...

@Delirious, I was surprised to see this one jump up onto the roof.

@Russ, the iPhone gets the credit for the colors!

@Inklings, I will resist the temptation to follow up on that statement!

Max Coutinho said...

LOL Hey Looney,

Please tell me you didn't have her for dinner.

It is a gorgeous picture with an awesome light.