Friday, June 01, 2012

Kalifornia Kleptocracy Report:  Dreaming of Greece.

Fremont just can't stay out of the news.  Romney was here reminding America of the half billion dollar fraud called Solyndra.  The Democrats quickly pointed out that Solyndra's favor started under Bush, although the final funds were allocated under Obama.  That both parties are in favor of out-of-control monster government clearly proves that this is the best form of governance.  Pete Stark, our local US House of Representatives member was getting the liberal media bothered with comments about Solyndra's electric car.  (Solyndra made solar panels, but Fremont's Tesla makes electric cars.)

Our local California assembly representative, Bob Wieckowski, is the latest to get into the news.  The linked article says that he is a bankruptcy lawyer.  As California's public sector unions madly drive the state towards bankruptcy, the only thing on their minds is how to bleed every last drop of money before the final collapse - recovery be damned.  Just like Greece.  Thus, a series of bills were introduced by Wieckowski and pushed through providing increasing requirements for mediation, adding on various layers of bureaucracy and legal haggling while dragging out the bankruptcy process.  Just like Greece.  None of this is in the least bit surprising, this being California.  What did surprise me was this San Jose Mercury editorial highlighting Wieckowski.  The only thing I expect from this regular column is hard left rhetoric, yet even they seem to think Wieckowski has gone off the rails.  The important thing is that life is exciting here in California.


Inklings said...

Exciting like the Chinese curse, "May you live in interesting times." I am glad Utah isn't quite as exciting. :0)

Delirious said...

Exciting? I was thinking more of the word, "trying".

Max Coutinho said...


You gotta looove politics lol.

I was told about Romney's visit to Solyndra (and it was not good what I heard) but since I didn't see him myself, I can't comment.

Have a great weekend.

Rummuser said...

We have a lot in common Looney. Change the names of the individuals and the companies/products and we have a lot going on here at the moment too. The price we pay for the so called democracy. It stopped being one about half a century ago when Hayek became the guru for right wing politicians.

Looney said...

Rummuser, it sounds like I am going to need to fetch a book from Hayek and start reading! I have heard the name two or three times, but know nothing of him.