Saturday, June 30, 2012

California's Foie Gras ban;  Yes, we really are more ethical than the French!

This ban on the production and selling of Foie Gras in the state of California takes effect on July 1st.  It certainly feels good to out-snob the French, even though I never eat Foie Gras.

What puzzles me is how to digest the rapid multiplication of rules that manage the personal moral choices of the populace.  On the one hand there is the condemnation of any moral code that existed prior to 1960 as mindless tradition produced and enforced by deranged and sadistic inquisitors.  At the same time, we are set to enact more new morals legislation in a decade or two than was done in the entire middle ages.  If people can't follow the Torah or the Koran, how can they possibly follow the much more detailed California codes?


Ursula said...

Looney, I don't know how one can legislate against bullying since it's a personality disorder, best left to your nearest shrink if your parents weren't able to bring you up as not to pick on the weakest.

Foie gras? I will eat most things - short of live (or fried) maggots - but there are limits in the name of ethics. Never once has foie gras passed my lips. Even if the goose is already dead. Good on California.

Hardcore foie gras connaisseurs will, in the spirit of America's prohibition, find ways to indulge. If only by booking a flight to France.


Looney said...

U, I suppose the foie gras addicts can also head over to the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas!

Here in California they have observed that the concept of parent/parenting is also something left over from the Neanderthals, so there is plenty of legislation correcting and improving on the errors.

Back around '96/'97 was when I was sent to Tiverton to work. All the countryside was in an uproar over banning The Hunt.

Delirious said...

True liberalism at work.

Dr. Russell Norman Murray said...

From linked article:

‘Tattoo and piercing artists and those who apply permanent cosmetics will have to register each year with a local government and meet minimum statewide standards under another new law.

The Safe Body Art Act, AB300 by Assemblywoman Fiona Ma, D-San Francisco, requires that practitioners be vaccinated against Hepatitis B and receive training in first aid, cardiopulmonary resuscitation and preventing infections. The law also sets standards for hygiene and sanitation, and requires that customers give their informed consent before they are inked or pierced.’

I am glad I have zero interest in ‘tats’.