Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Aristotle:  Analyzing the Flat Earth.

"Anaximenes and Anaxagoras and Democritus give the flatness of the earth as the cause of its staying still.  Thus, they say, it does not cut, but covers like a lid, the air beneath it.  This seems to be the way of flat-shaped bodies: for even the wind can scarcely move them because of their power of resistance.  The same immobility, they say, is produced by the flatness of the surface which the earth presents to the air which underlies it."  On The Heavens, Book II.

It feels like the end of a long journey.   The first phase was tracing who the idiot was that claimed that the Christian church taught the flat earth theory and how this got into the textbooks so that billions of dollars of government funds all around the world were invested into teaching this error.  That done, there were still tantalizing glimpses that some flat earth theory really did exist, but I couldn't document it.  Finally I did locate the source, and it turns out to be old earth, evolution believing atheists.  Wow!

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Good catch, little brother!