Friday, May 04, 2012

Irenaeus (?-202AD), Against Heresies

Yeh!  I reached the end.  The last section is all about the final days and prophecy.  This gives a nice recap of the book of Revelation along with other prophecies from Daniel, Jeremiah, etc.  Irenaeus' is certainly not one who believes that things will get better and better.  It is more like a mix of good and bad that just comes into more and more conflict until the end.  

One of today's questions is whether or not the prophecies of a restoration of Israel represent a literal return of the Jews, or is representing the church only.  Irenaeus seems to believe that the prophecy pertains to the church only.  As for the pre-Trib/post-Trib dispute, Irenaeus is definitely in the post-Trib camp.

The main things to note here is that the book of Revelation is considered to be solidly scriptural.  Irenaeus was born almost certainly after the apostle John had died, yet at the same time he refers to people who had known John, so there is a sense that he had known people who had known John.  


Delirious said...

With regard to the restoration of Israel, we believe that the tribes of Israel are scattered throughout the world. Our missionary work is an effort to gather them back in. However, we don't believe that the Jews, on the whole, will be gathered until the Savior comes again. But part of that "restoration" has begun as the Jews have been returning to Jerusalem.

Looney said...

Sounds like it is tending towards a dispensationalist viewpoint. Does your church teach about the rapture and whether this is before or after the anti-Christ?

Delirious said...

We do believe there have been different dispensations of time, Christ being born in the "meridian of time". We believe that we are in the last dispensation, although no one knows how long it will last.

I don't think our view of the "rapture" is the same as others. We believe that when Christ comes again, the righteous will be raised up, and the wicked will be burned. But we don't believe that it is happening now, and we believe it will happen when Christ comes, not before.
I'm not sure about the timing of when the anti-Christ appears, but it seems to me, from what I've read in the Bible, that the rapture occurs after the anti-Christ appears.
Overall, we do teach about the second coming, and Christ's millenial reign, but we don't really think of it in the same way as the "Left Behind" book series. :)