Saturday, April 07, 2012

Josephus (37AD-100):  The Life of Josephus

This work is primarily a justification for his role as governor of Galilee.  He paints a picture of a province on the verge of civil war where he is the only force trying to bring about civility and order.  As a result, others are constantly scheming to kill him.

My pondering on this has mainly been in comparison to the beginnings of Islam.  Mohammed brought about the unity of the various warring tribes and sent them pouring out of Arabia to form an religious empire of the sword.  Galilee and Judea did the opposite during the 1st century Jewish wars, as the factions turned inward to destroy each other.  The Romans came in and imposed order by blotting out the country.  Josephus has not one reference to Christians in his narrative, so it would be a stretch to claim that Christians were a cause.  With all the animosity, many Christians were probably driven out before the catastrophic wars began.


Delirious said...

The only thing I know about Josephus is that he wrote a description of what Jesus looked like. I have always tended to believe that account was true. It seems like not too long ago that I looked that up and read it.

Looney said...

There are only a few small snippets related to Christianity in Josephus. He was born in 37AD, so he is mostly interacting with the next generation after the disciples.