Friday, April 13, 2012

Book Pondering:  The Closing of the Muslim Mind, by Robert Reilly - The Wreckage

This chapter discusses the general economic situation of Islamic countries.  This includes many of the poorest countries in the world.  Those that are rich are typically running off of oil wealth generated by facilities that are run by foreigners.  That this weighs down on the psyche of the citizens of these countries is obvious.

However, the issue with the book remains:  cause and effect, cause and effect.  Reilly supposes that the intellectual rejection led to scientific failure which led to economic failure.  That is one possibility.  This hypothesis runs smack into the problem of the rest of the world that is or was poor until recently.  Do Japan and South Korea adore Greek philosophy?  Is China a bastion for intellectual freedom?  There are many factors for success, but it seems to me that a work ethic and ambition are the most common formula for success in science and technology at the individual level.  At the macro level, it is the ability of an organization to function without being completely overwhelmed with corruption, incompetence and dysfunction at all levels.  


Delirious said...

You also have to define success. Although China as a nation might be prospering, I would still have to bet that most of it's citizens are not enjoying that prosperity.

And I do think that, even though it can't be scientifically quantified, that God blessing a nation to prosper is a leading factor.

Looney said...

I think you are right about China - and that blessings come from God. As for this book, I think that nothing makes sense except from a spiritual vantage point.