Tuesday, March 13, 2012

What to do about the TV?

There is a nice flat panel TV hanging on the wall next to where I am typing this.  It hasn't been turned on for several months. We have two in the house, one that was used by my wife, and one by myself.  My wife's TV is closer to the kitchen and laundry areas, thus we still have the traditional role separation.  So practically we have two unused TVs, but a cable TV bill to pay.  Cutting it would seem to make sense, but the older relatives might come by and want to watch the TV.  The younger ones simply pull out some gadget and give it their full attention.  

I am not quite sure why I stopped watching TV.  The argument could be made that today's programming is all bad, but that would only be compelling if programming from earlier decades was actually better.  In other words, this argument is a loser.  Until I turn on The History Channel and there is a ghost and aliens mystery marathon.  The Viagra commercials are another candidate.  Once a night might be tolerable, but every 15 minutes?  Don't they know that you can OD on Viagra?  Still, lousy and annoying commercials have been a distinguishing mark of TV since its inception.  A final possibility is that I am just getting old, grumpy and nothing can satisfy me.  


Delirious said...

I occasionally get a program or two that I like to follow, but I think people would be shocked by how many shows I don't watch. I especially like to watch old movies. I will admit I have been watching American Idol this season. I also like to watch DVDs that we own. We might move to China soon, and if that happens, we will probably not watch much tv at all. But I don't think I can quit cold turkey while I'm in the States. :)

Dee Ice Hole said...

You must have great discipline---I like to watch NCIS.

Rummuser said...

Welcome to the club. I have a TV which I don't watch at all. My father spends three hours every evening watching various shows and my son occasionally has a late night TV dinner sitting before it. I am more comfortable watching what I want on my computer screen.