Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Home again ...

There are many more pictures which I will be uploading from this trip.  Yesterday the six of us headed off for Taoyuan airport from Kaoshiung.  We spent 1 hour, 38 minutes on the bullet train, hopped a bus to the airport, and then had to say our good byes as half the group went to LAX and the other half to SFO.

Each train can seat 989 passengers and moves along at almost 300 km/hour (~190mph).  The French TGV comparison info is here.  Each bullet train has 12 cars, whereas the TGV is either 8 or 10.

List of trains heading north.  We can't take an express train because they skip Taoyuan station which is nearest the airport.

Waving to Delirious' daughter.  This is the earlier trip south as we pass Taichung.

The bullet train arriving.  Again, this is the trip south a few days earlier and we are at Taoyuan station.


Dee Ice Hole said...

Great pics---guess y'all had a great time.

Max Coutinho said...

Happy New Year, Looney!

& welcome home!

I gather you entered 2012 in great style! :D

Those trains are awesome, but there's a downside to them: you can't really enjoy the landscape, can you?