Friday, November 25, 2011

Got lemons?

This is the lemon tree growing in my backyard.  I have taken about 40 or 50 lemons off the tree this season already, but it is still loaded.  Tomorrow I need to harvest another big load of them.  


Jo Lynn said...

Believe it or not, yours looks like a dwarf compared to mine. I would consider mine out of control tho.

Dee Ice Hole said...

Lots of lemons---hope you like them. It is a beautiful little tree though.

Delirious said...

My poor little dwarf lemon keeps getting beat up. My neighbor was pruning and dropped a limb on it. Then some workers I had in my yard crushed it. It also is struggling to get some sun. It gets lemons on it, but then something always happens to it. I've never gotten a lemon from it!

Looney said...

@Jo Lynn, I could use some out-of-control fruit trees!

@Dee Ice Hole, yes, we do love lemons for all kinds of things, but will need to give away a large number of them.

@Delirious, my condolences for the lemon tree. It sounds a bit like our peach tree which has typically given us one small peach per year, but none last summer.

Anonymous said...

My lemons can do magical things.
My sister-in-law asked me for lemons because her hair-dresser told her the lemons could stimulate growing healthy black hair. One young lady had long beautiful black hair wanted my lemons to bleach her hair. Two co-workers were bald just wanted something to grow no matter what color it came out
My lemon tree can make your wish come true.
-Mrs. Looney

Inklings said...

Wow! That's a great tree. Now squeeze some of them, mix them with half honey, and take it for your cough. :0)