Saturday, July 23, 2011

Feeling sad for Norway ...

What to pray for them?  Sympathy is required for the survivors and for those who are grieving.  May God comfort them.  I can pray for physical recovery for many, but the psychological healing is going to be much harder.

I have been suppressing the analytical side of me.  We should really hold off until there is more information.  For example, political parties holding summer youth camps seems odd.  One pundit commented that it was terrible that this happened in the same location that the Nobel Peace prizes were awarded.  It was terrible, but don't get me going on the significance of the Nobel Peace prizes.  And what about the millions facing famine in Somalia/Ethiopia/Kenya ...   Stop it.

May God bring about something good in the attitudes of the people of Norway towards Himself and their position in the Creation.  Ditto for us.

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Delirious said...

This tragedy is so senseless. These are quiet, peaceful people. If they were angry, raging activists I could see someone getting upset, but they are quiet and have never seen this kind of terror before. It just shows that terrorists are crazy, and don't care who becomes their victim. Praying for those who are in need of comfort.