Thursday, July 21, 2011

Calvin's (1509-1564) Institutes: Condemning evolution by name three centuries before it was invented ...

"And then in regard to supernatural events, though these are occurring every day, how few are there who ascribe them to the ruling providence of God—how many who imagine that they are casual results produced by the blind evolutions of the wheel of chance?" - Institutes of the Christian Church

Reading Calvin's Institutes makes it clear that modern evolutionary science is simply warmed over Epicureanism. One of the common errors parroted is that a well known Calvinist theologian, B.B. Warfield claimed that evolution was compatible with the Bible, thus, there is no conflict.  Was he really an adherent to Calvinism?  Or was he simply playing both sides of the fence like a modern intellectualloid?  As for those who think the notion of the evolution of religion is new, there is this to ponder:

"It is most absurd, therefore, to maintain, as some do, that religion was devised by the cunning and craft of a few individuals, as a means of keeping the body of the people in due subjection, while there was nothing which those very individuals, while teaching others to worship God, less believed than the existence of a God." - Institutes of the Christian Church

This left me pondering the fact that the terms "modernism" and "post-modernism" are really misnomers.

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