Monday, July 18, 2011

California Prop 71 (Embryonic Stem Cell Research) recap:  $3 billion of taxpayers funds squandered.

"CIRM's own scientists acknowledge that no CIRM-produced cures have trickled down to California patients."

CIRM is the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine, the organization that spent the money.  I had forgotten about the California embryonic stem cell initiative, although I am still paying for it.  Recalling back to the 2004 battle, the initiative was initially condemned for the obvious reason of depending on abortion with the additional note that adult stem cells had promise but embryonic ones did not.  Embryonic stem cell research is both immoral and bad science.  In the obsolete science of Economics, there was also the notion of "opportunity costs".  Funding researchers to pursue doomed projects has the side effect of excluding the money and talent from pursuing things that might be successful - like Malaria or Tuberculosis.  

The fact of it being immoral, however, merely generated a backlash from the intellectualoids.  "Immoral?  Then it is unconstitutional for the government not to fund it!"  To this end the usual full force media war was launched to accuse Christians of being anti-science, anti-progress, hopelessly selfish, hypocritical imbeciles.  Retractions anyone?

Now that the money is gone with nothing to show for, the CIRM is seeking $5 billion more.  Meanwhile, the Obama administration has duly noted that embryonic stem cell research is an immoral failure, thus, they have rescinded the rules restricting federal funding for embryonic stem cell research.  My guess is that the Federal government will find the $5 billion needed to keep the CIRM's scientists fully funded so that they can enjoy first rate restaurants in exotic vacation destinations.  Deficit?  What deficit?

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