Thursday, June 02, 2011

Extreme Swimming.

The group I have joined with a few mornings a week for swim practice has some secrets that are slowly coming out.  This morning was the usual:  An early morning start in the lake with the air temperature in the 40's.  The two miles went by quickly without much notice since the water felt so comfortable.  One swimmer had checked and reported that a mid-lake thermometer was reading 64 degrees.

Someone was reporting my preparations for the upcoming 5k swim around the rock.  But then they asked the lady who was with us how her preparations were going for the 44k event.  I thought this must be a swim-bike-run event, but no, this was a 44k swim.  27 miles.  A marathon in the water - but with a few complications.  The course runs from Monterey to Santa Cruz across the Monterey Bay.  55 degree water.  Swarms of stinging jelly fish.  Great Whites feeding.  This news link gives an idea.  Only one person has succeeded.  May God grant you success, Patti.


Delirious said...

Wow that is scary! The sharks alone would scare me off!

Ursula said...

No offence to Patti, but her life clearly lacks excitement.


Looney said...

U, you are certainly right on that. Most of us who go out deliberately pushing ourselves into these things otherwise live cozy upper middle class lives with no excitement.

Dee Ice Hole said...

I hope she does well---well at least that she doesn't get eaten by a shark. I think I have lost the edge.