Sunday, June 05, 2011

Cold water.

There is still a month to go before Swim Around The Rock.  This morning I managed two loops of the Shadow Cliffs lake for a total of 6,000 yards, which is a bit more than the 3.25 miles of the Alcatraz course.  At the end my arms were definitely feeling the stress, but the 64 degree water seemed so warm I didn't feel like getting out.  I am counting a success too early, but what to do next?  Staying fit while growing old is all about setting one goal after another and going for it.  Thankfully there is a list of swims. One tempting one is an 8 mile swim around Pennock Island in Alaska.  Too bad Marf isn't there any more. Another 8 mile swim is in the Great Salt Lake.

The most attractive thing I have come across so far is a swim trek organization.  7 days of swimming 5km per day in the Greek Islands.  Ah, that's the way to relax.


Delirious said...

Let me give you my thoughts about swimming in the Great Salt Lake.
First of all, because it is salty, it is easy to float, so that might seem like an attraction. But what I don't like about it is that there are so many gross flies all over the place. It's really not a pleasant experience because of the flies. Also, it smells really bad. And of course, there is the whole "salty water...and what if you swallow" it thing.

My father never learned to swim. When he was a boy, he almost drowned, and so he never got over that fear of water. Plus he was underweight when he was young, and that made it hard to learn to float. One time he went out on the Great Salt Lake and discovered that he could actually float! He laid on his back, and was really enjoying floating around for the first time in his life. That enjoyment quickly ended though when he floated too far out, and didn't know how to get back to shore! He finally called to some young boys and had them tow him back to shore. :D

Looney said...

Delirious, you are certainly helping me to find reasons to strike this one off the list! It would be scenic swimming there.

Marf said...

Yeah, I've heard about the Pennock Island swim a few times. I've never spoken with anyone that had attempted it. I didn't realize it was 8 miles around the island though. It seems like such a small island.