Thursday, May 19, 2011

SOWAT:  Shadow Cliffs Open Water Aquatics Team

This is a friendly bunch.  We met before work today for my swimming test to see if I could join their group.  The test ended up being 2,800 yards of swimming.  Other than a little soreness in the neck, it went without too much trouble.  I had been swimming in a pool recently, but need to get out in the open water to prepare for Alcatraz.  Open water swimming requires you to sight forward every so often, causing the head to be elevated and the neck to be twisted in ways that aren't necessary in the pool.  SOWAT is permitted to swim all over the lake so we can swim almost 800 meters without having to stop or turn.  The water temperature is probably mid-'60s.  This is considerably colder than the 78-80 degree temperature of the heated pool, but still a bit warmer than the Alcatraz swim.  A special thanks goes to Ron, Sue and Mark who helped me get acquainted with this new swimming hole.


Delirious said...

I wish you had a good dry suit! It makes me nervous when you do those cold swims!

Looney said...

At Shadow Cliffs, we do have to swim with a group due to safety concerns. During this swim I never felt cold.

Dee Ice Hole said...

Here is wishing you good luck on your training for the BIG SWIM.