Thursday, May 26, 2011

6:00AM @ Shadow Cliffs Park.

Four of us were there this morning.  The air temperature was 50F (10C) and the water temperature was in the mid 60's.  Two did a 3,000 yard swim - one loop around the lake - before heading off.  I did 2 miles (3,440 yards).  The fourth did 5,000 yards in the same time that I covered the 2 miles.  Then it was off to work.

In case anyone wonders why my blogging is a bit slow, this is a likely cause.  Getting ready for the Swim Around The Rock means a lot of time in the water.  My previous lake swims left me with an allergic reaction to the water in my nose.  This time I used something to pinch my nose, which makes the swimming very uncomfortable - a bit like being water boarded.  Thankfully the post-swim stuffy nose didn't occur this time.  The big problem for me is speed.  I have plenty of strength to go faster, but the breathing picks up and, well, you just can't breath faster than your swimming rhythm in the water.  Thus, breathing sets the limit on how fast I can go over long distances.  Hopefully spending more time in the water will sort this out.


Dee Ice Hole said...

Beautiful picture---hope you get the breathing figured out. Good Luck on hte swim.

Inklings said...

Gorgeous picture!
Good luck with everything associated with the swim.

My word verification is nosesem :0)

Inklings said...
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Looney said...

Thanks. The event is on July 9th, so I still have more than a month to train. Lord willing, it will be a nice goal to complete!

Rummuser said...

I admire you for your persistence. No use cheer leading. You know what it is like and what needs to be done. Knowing you somewhat by now, I know that you will do it.