Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Aristotle:  The First Mover

"Of necessity, in this case, must this Immovable First Mover constitute an entity; and so far forth as it subsists necessarily, so far forth does it subsist after an excellent manner; and in this way constitutes a first principle." - The Metaphysics, XII.7

That sounds a lot like God.  A bit later we see this:

"In this way, however, is the deity disposed as to existence, and the principle of life is, at any rate, inherent in the deity; for the energy or active exercise of Mind constitutes life, and God - as above delineated - constitutes this energy; and essential energy belongs to God as his best and everlasting life."

There is considerably more here, but we see Aristotle arguing that reason and science lead directly to an understanding of God as the First Mover.  Today we are told that the first mover was the Big Bang, and that this is the result of science and reason.  I have to wonder.  If the Big Bang had mass, then it would be a black hole and there wouldn't be any bang.  If it were pure energy, we can circumvent this problem, but at the cost of creating a massless universe.  Is there really a scrap of scientific legitimacy to the Big Bang?  Or is this just one more intellectualloid hoax?

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Delirious said...

There certainly are plenty of big hoaxes to go around these days...