Saturday, March 26, 2011

US Department of Justice: Suing America with taxpayer funds on behalf of the Hajj?

For those who don't know, the Hajj is the pilgrimage to mecca that Muslims are encouraged to do at least once during their life time. A million or so people do this each year.

A brief synopsis of the court case our government is pursuing is here. Mona Charen fills in a number of additional details.

Checking with Dr. Wiki, the Hajj only takes 5 days.

This reminds me of the schizoid nature of our current policies which try to convert youth to the religion of Depravityism on the one hand, but then promote the exact opposite extreme religion - Islam - at the same time.


Rummuser said...

This is what "secularism" in practice does. In India, it was vote bank politics that got the Congress government to subsidize the cost of Hajj for Muslims till it became an embarrassment for the Muslims who on their own asked for it to be scrapped. It also was part of the reasons for the success of the rise of militant Hinduism.

Looney said...

Wow! I was just wondering if something like that could happen in the US, but thought it would be too much even for the US. It is hard to imagine India would have done this.