Monday, March 14, 2011

Gregory of Tours: The Pope puts his authority into effect.

I am half way through Gregory's history. This is the second mention of the Pope and the first where he actually does something:

"The people revolted against the Bishops Salonius and Sagittarius. ... They were no sooner raised to the episcopate than their new power went to their heads: with a sort of insane fury they began to disgrace themselves in peculation, physical assaults, murders, adultery and every crime in the calendar. ... The bishops met, with the aged Saint Nicetius in their number, and they heard the case. They found Salonius and Sagittarius clearly guilty of the charge laid against them, and they ordered the two to be deposed from their bishoprics as a consequence of their criminal behaviour. ... They appeared before Pope John III and put forward the plea that they had been dismissed with no reasonable cause given. ... The Pope sent a letter to King Guntram, ordering them to be restored to their former positions." - History of the Franks, V.20

After this, things continue downhill for this pair of bishops as their behavior just gets worse and worse. With stories like that, it is a wonder that the Reformation didn't start a thousand years earlier.

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