Sunday, March 27, 2011

Confucius: Regarding the need to use language eloquently and properly:

"The Master said, 'It is enough that the language one uses gets the point across.'" - Analects, XV.41


Delirious said... least my blogging is now validated! ;)

Looney said...

That was a relief to me also!

It was a bit surprising given all that I had read prior to this about sticking to formalities and rites. We still need to be cautious because this could have been added by a disgruntled disciple! :-)

Rummuser said...

I am unable to understand either Delirious or you in your comment/response. My understanding of the statement would be that appropriate language needs to be used for the time concerned and the level of understanding capability of the audience. Many of the archaic writings for instance in Sanskrit in India are impossible to understand by modern students of Sanskrit, unless a teacher from the traditional schools interprets them to suit present day needs and the level of sophistication of his pupils. In that context, the statement makes perfect sense to me.

Looney said...

Rummuser, I found the Chinese version of this online and will try to get some insight from the Chinese expert in my family!