Friday, March 04, 2011

Aristotle: Advice on keeping the nation healthy by enforcing separation of church and state.

"Another set of officers is concerned with the maintenance of religion priests and guardians see to the preservation and repair of the temples of the Gods and to other matters of religion. One office of this sort may be enough in small places, but in larger ones there are a great many besides the priesthood; for example, superintendents of public worship, guardians of shrines, treasurers of the sacred revenues. Nearly connected with these there are also the officers appointed for the performance of the public sacrifices, except any which the law assigns to the priests; such sacrifices derive their dignity from the public hearth of the city. They are sometimes called archons, sometimes kings, and sometimes prytanes." - Politics, Book VI.

In this portion of Politics, Aristotle is enumerating the various mandatory offices of a state.

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