Sunday, February 27, 2011

Aristotle: The need for universal, state controlled education.

"For, inasmuch as every family is a part of a state, and these relationships are the parts of a family, and the virtue of the part must have regard to the virtue of the whole, women and children must be trained by education with an eye to the constitution, if the virtues of either of them are supposed to make any difference in the virtues of the state." - Politics, Book I.

Part of me wants to affirm this, until I consider our current state of affairs where virtue - to the degree that it conforms with Christianity - has been deemed unconstitutional. Government education has been at best neutral with respect to the family and in many cases an active engine for destroying the family, thus, undermining the future of the state. Still, I can't help honoring the Christian teachers working in the system who find ways to do something constructive.

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