Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Christian Delusion - Why Faith Fails, by John Loftus: Chapter 3 - The Malleability of the Human Mind, by Jason Long, Ph.d.

This chapter is an update of classical Academic thought which was skeptical about the ability of humans to know anything, although it is incomplete as the full scope of classical skeptic thought undermines everything - atheism included. Shhh! Better to be selective! (I thought I had the quote from Cicero up so that it can be linked, but apparently not. There is this quote, which attacks the atheists routine use of credentials to bypass reason.)

The main idea is that we do not believe Christianity because we logically choose it, but because we are indoctrinated when we are young. While this is true, it also ignores the power of atheist indoctrination in our society: Atheism is the established ideology of academia so we are bombarded by these messages from when we are young. I loved reading Rupyard Kipling and Mark Twain, yet they were both skeptics and this filtered through much of their writing. Atheists and skeptics have hijacked seminaries, invaded pulpits and spent billions of taxpayer dollars indoctrinating the minds of children in schools - myself included. Then there is Hollywood, which is atheist except when it is mystic, but very rarely Christian. WE HEARD THE ATHEIST MESSAGE!!! In communist countries, the situation was even worse, yet religion is on the rise, especially in places like China where the children NEVER RECEIVED CHRISTIAN INDOCTRINATION FROM YOUTH! If we are going to simply say that humans are doomed to make irrational decisions, than what can the atheists do about it without coercion and government establishment? Furthermore, why should we believe that an atheist is in the slightest more rational, given that we all come from human DNA?

Going back to the chapter: "Impression management theory suggest that people increasingly stick by their decisions because consistency leads to social reward and inconsistency leads to social punishment." First, I will note that this doesn't explain the grumpy hermit, but I will also note that there is one group of society which has a great desire for "social reward" and an equal fear of "social punishment". They are called Ph.D's. (I do believe that God can make good use of people with Ph.Ds.) I started a Ph.D. for no good reason other than wanting people to look up to me. Thankfully God showed me that this was a pointless endeavor and directed me otherwise. With a hundred good applicants for each professorship, the need to seek social acceptance is incredibly high, while the atheists record of ostracizing everyone who does not have acceptable beliefs is unsurpassed. Nowhere was this more on display than the recent anthropogenic global warming fraud.

To summarize, the argument of this chapter is that Christians can't be trusted, therefore Atheists should be trusted...because they say they should be trusted. So there!

Rebuttal summary: Why give up a real crutch for a phony rationalism?


Delirious said...

If I were an athiest, I would tend to believe his summary of religionists. But being a life long member of a church, and seeing many people in my family as well as congregation who have gone inactive, I can tell him that being raised Christian isn't enough to keep a person active in the religion. It's only after true conversion that a person stays true to their beliefs. And frankly, our religion is a high commitment religion. It's not for the fainthearted! :) Just being raised in this church isn't enough to keep a person committed to the lifestyle and commandments. Only conversion keeps a person active.

Rummuser said...

Looney and Delirious, why either or? Why can we not have religion and non religion of any kind?

Looney said...

Rummuser, I am not sure I quite understand what you wrote. Are you suggesting someone can be both an atheist and a believer at the same time? Or that atheism and theism should find a way to get along without trying to exterminate each other?!

Delirious said...

Contrary to popular athiest belief, true followers of Christ do not hate non-believers. In fact, the gospel of Jesus Christ teaches just the opposite. In my religion, we have an article of faith that states, "We claim the privilege of worshipping Almighty God according to the dictates of our own conscience, and allow all men the same privilege. Let them worship how, where or what they may." We have no interest in attacking non-believers, but there seems to be great interest on their part in eliminating us believers.

Rummuser said...

I meant, Atheism and Theism to just let each other be and follow their own paths. I quite appreciate what Delirious writes as this is what all our scriptures say too. In fact, atheism is an accepted part of the Indian philosophical system as is materialism, monotheism, multitheism, non duality etc. The only country where jews were never persecuted, despite having arrived in 562 BC and all the other religions of the world have flourished without hindrance till the Islamic disturbances created a backlash against that single religion which also evolved into a hard core right wing Hindu fringe which has taken to objecting to conversions to Christianity. I personally believe that we should leave each to his own devices as for as God is concerned and the state should stay clear of religion of any kind. Alas, this is not the interpretation of secularism that politicians come up with in India.

Looney said...

Rummuser, while there is certainly some wisdom in that, we also have to factor in the history of relations. As you know, Islam is anything but a religion of peace, yet I have had plenty of Muslim friends who I very much enjoy. They let me know what they believe, and I do likewise, and we get along.

Atheism - if it were truly atheist - would be a benign ideology, yet it too is certainly not what it claims itself to be. You can take a look at John Loftus's blog to see what I am talking about. It is a single minded rage against Christianity.

Looking back to my school years, the history textbooks had numerous anti-Christian fictions put in by atheists, while my children were fed far more lies than I would have imagined possible. Entire university classes are dedicated to feeding kids crap in order to shake their faith, while the professors treat it as a joke. When it comes to promotions in academia, a Christian will consider the merits of the person for the position, regardless of religious or ideological background. The atheist is incapable of doing the same, and will find every excuse to discriminate, while denying what he is doing. This is why American secular universities and even many seminaries are ideologically pure atheist.

I am more than happy to be friends with atheists, and there are plenty of fine people among them. On the other hand, atheism as an ideology is one of rage against God and ideological Jihad, so I don't see how there can ever be peace.

James Pate said...

"When it comes to promotions in academia, a Christian will consider the merits of the person for the position, regardless of religious or ideological background. The atheist is incapable of doing the same, and will find every excuse to discriminate, while denying what he is doing."

A Christian at a secular university may very well do that. At a conservative Christian university or seminary, however, there are plenty of exceptions to that rule.

Looney said...

James, it is certainly true that Christian sectarian schools discriminate, which is why they are sectarian.

I may send one of my kids to a Jesuit university next year. It is nominally sectarian, but checking with other students, it seems you can get through knowing nothing about traditional Jesuit beliefs. I am certainly not a Catholic, yet at the same time I feel it is a bit unreasonable that a sectarian school doesn't teach their beliefs!