Sunday, November 09, 2008

Power Outage!

We were two hours off the grid last night. My rechargeable headlamps came out and we went scrambling for lighters to get the candles going. Some of the candles burnt down quickly, while others hardly seemed to change in size after burning more than an hour. Note to myself: You need to research candle burning speeds more! Then I settled down to reading Roman Syria under the headlamp. Technology has come a long way.

Walking through the neighborhood, another resident chatted with us and told us that she was going to stop paying her PG&E bill. This was the second outage in a few days and was related to a little rain. Our local power rates are some of the highest in the country, but we wonder about the maintenance. If things continue to deteriorate fiscally in the state of California, this feature of the third world - regular power outages - could be something we need to get used to.


Delirious said...

Hmm....maybe PG&E is experiencing some of the consequences of opposing Prop. 8? ;)

Livingsword said...

We have a lot of nice clean hydro power….we will see if you guys will need it if Obama “hammers” us by canceling NAFTA….

By the way when the power goes off please do not try heating your homes with your bar BQ….You may have little rain but I am going to build an ark!

Jim said...

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Marf said...

We have power outages all the time here. Caused by anything from landslides, equipment failure, eagle strike, or operator error. We're not on a main grid, it's just our little island and a few hydro plants.

Usually they're all back up after about 45 mins. But sometimes we can have longer outages if it's something like a landslide.

That's why I have my computer on a UPS power supply that will last me 2 hours.