Friday, August 15, 2008

Time for an MRI.

If things keep going, I will need to update my personal photo to include a walking cane or a wheel chair. Sunday afternoon I am scheduled to have my knee looked at via MRI. My theory regarding doctors is that there is little point in visiting them, because the only thing they know in the end is how much you owe. Ah, the advantages of prayer! Looking at the hospital plans recently, it appears that tithing is cheaper than health insurance when you get a little older. My last visit to the doctor was over a year ago, for a knee problem, and the same knee has progressively gotten worse. The doctor prescribed Ibuprofin and gave me some crutches last year. I will pray that God gives the doctor some insight into what is really wrong. The last check a few days ago came to the same conclusion: No identifiable problems. The good news was that my blood pressure was 123/79, which seems to be a good rating for someone in the AARP bracket.


Delirious said...

eep....I hope you aren't going to be in the market for a new knee. Hopefully the MRI will get to the root of the problem. Don't you just love getting older? :P

Looney said...

Yes, getting older is wonderful. This reminds me of the two very young Mormon missionaries who showed up at my door. They had a badge with the title "elder". At my church, I am MUCH too young to be an elder, but MUCH too old to teach the youth! "Old" and "elder" are such slippery terms!

Delirious said...

lol the title Elder is an ordination within the Priesthood. But it is funny when they come to your door and they are only 19 years old but have the title Elder. :)

Why do you think you are too old to teach the youth? I think you would be great with the youth. I'm probably about your age, and will be teaching early morning seminary to the youth. Time will tell how they accept an old lady. :)

Looney said...

It isn't really that I am too old to teach, but instead the dynamics of the older Chinese generation with their traditional culture and the younger generation's reaction.

Christian leadership begins with character, wisdom and the Holy Spirit, but Chinese tradition says that leadership is all about credentials and seniority. When it comes to getting their children to study hard and score high on things like the SAT, the traditional Chinese culture is amazing. When applied to the church, the result can be overbearing chaos. As long as there is someone in the church with a seminary degree who is old, there is no need for anyone else per the traditional cultural views.

The younger Chinese follow Jesus and are quite passionate about their campus groups, but have decided that the problem in the Chinese church is with older people in general, so the "don't trust anyone over 30" (actually 40) mentality is something they have picked up on. Only someone who is 20ish can teach someone who is 20ish!

For me, I guess it is a good time to study what I like and wait until the Lord has a new opportunity. The times spent teaching were a joy, but there is also a time for a rest. The Lord has His plan and timing.