Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Interview with Creator of the Sims regarding religion in the new game, Spore:

"I think our bigger fear was that we didn't want to offend any religious people; but looking at the discussion that unfolded from this thing, what we had was a good sizeable group of players that we might call militant atheists, and the rest of the players seemed very tolerant, including all of the religious players."

This brings up the important question of whether religious players of video games are more intolerant or atheist gamers are more intolerant ... stay tuned!


Marf said...

This is relevant to my interests.

I suppose I'm not an extremely militant atheist, but Spore is just a game. I don't mind how evolution is directed by the player in the game.

I hope this will be my new favorite game. I've been waiting for it to come out about 2 years now... And yes, I'll even play the religions-type society.

Delirious said...

Although this game uses evolution, it is interesting that even this game needs a creator.