Monday, August 04, 2008

Another Boston picture. This tower should be the customs house.


Bunc said...

What do you mean "should be the customs house" ?
You mean;
a) They have another one and you think this woudl be a better one.
b) Its the wrong building and you though it was the customs house?
c) You cant really tell if it is or it isnt the customs house because of the fog?

Cmon Looney which one is it? ;-)

Looney said...

The reason that I used the ambiguous language is that a) I didn't take notes after reading the sign, b) I am notorious among my family members for forgetting things and confusing them, and c) I didn't bother to find a link to the subject matter.

Now, having checked things out via the infallible wikipedia, I have found the link here.

I should probably revise the original post by stating that this is definitely a photographic image of the customs house tower. :)