Wednesday, July 16, 2008

More on the unnatural, from Seneca - from letter CXXII

"Don't you think it's living unnaturally to exchange one's clothes for women's? Is it not living unnaturally to aim at imparting the bloom of youth to a different period of life - can there be a sorrier or crueler practice than that whereby a boy is never, apparently, allowed to grow up into a man, in order that he may endure a man's attentions for as long as may be? Won't even his years rescue him from the indignity his sex ought to have precluded?"

This is a follow on to my earlier post regarding the unnatural which included quotes from Paul and Suetonius. In this case, it seems that there was a habit of wealthy men purchasing boys, dressing them up as young girls, and keeping them dressed in this manner until they were fully grown men so that they could use them for sex. The moral sickness is mind boggling.

Seneca was the tutor and adviser of Nero, who took sexual abuse to new levels. As a Stoic, Seneca represents a different cultural background than Paul and Suetonius on this subject. Thus, my general view is that the behavior at this time was fairly universally condemned while it continued.


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