Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Memories ...

That image is from Cryosphere Today, which has the latest arctic ice pack data straight from NASA. There was a startling prediction of a north pole free of ice this summer which seems to be confirmed by the satellite photo. There are two problems for me. First, the Cryosphere Today web site shows that the arctic has about 500,000 square kilometers more sea ice than last year at the same time.

The second is a case of deja vu where this picture seems so familiar. Back in the 1970's when I was bicycle racing, our racing club brought together this fundy with a bunch of hippie left overs from the 1960's and some new agers in our common bond of self inflicted pain. We used to yap into the wee hours about all kinds of stuff, and one topic that was popular with the new agers was a hollow earth theory. The opening to the hollow earth was believed to be at the north pole, and they showed me a picture with a dark circle on the ice pack near the north pole which was quite like the one on the photo above. I scoffed at the time that it was a forgery, but apparently the physics of the ice pack cause the water to clear near the north pole quite regularly in the summer. A quick check on the internet shows that the hollow earth theory, like everything else bizarre, continues to live on the internet.


Marf said...

I'm pretty sure they blank out that circle for other reasons... They don't want to reveal Santa's workshop.

The black circle at the North Pole results from an absence of data because the satellite does not make observations that far north.

It's not because there's no ice there.

Looney said...

Marf, thanks for that clarification. Santa's elves must have done quite a job on the NASA engineers to secure this kind of cooperation in keeping the north pole blacked out.