Thursday, June 12, 2008

This quote is from Jim West:

According to former President Jimmy Draper, who said Monday “We have reached a place that our spiritual forefathers feared.” “We need to admit that the problem with America today is not the government or the politicians,” Draper said. “It is not Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama or John McCain. It’s not the senators or representatives. The problem is not the educational system or the economy. It’s not the liberals or the abortionists. The problem lies with us.” “We conservatives claim to have the truth and we think we are rich in spiritual position and power, but yet we are cold, complacent, impotent and unattractive, and irrelevant to the world,” Draper said. “I hate to say it, but we are not plateaued. We’re not even just declining. We’re in a free fall.” “You know why we don’t win the lost?” Draper asked. “Because we don’t like them. They are different from us. We don’t care for them. We have no real love for them.” “People just don’t touch eternity when they are around us,” Draper said. “We’re too self-absorbed.”

A major part of this is certainly true. Perhaps it is mostly true. Being a high tech geek sort, we are supposed to be cold and awkwards towards people, but that isn't what Jesus wants me to be. Yes, it is very true that I need to be more caring about others.

Another part of the above is misleading. In Matthew 4:17, Jesus says "Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is near". Why do we repent and what does it mean to repent? We confess our sins, their is a change of heart towards our behavior and God and we seek salvation through Jesus based on the cross. If we don't, Jesus taught plainly that we would be separated from God and experience eternity in hell.

Now enters the mainliners. They say, "Did God really say that if you don't repent and seek forgiveness you will experience eternity in hell? Not so! He never said that. In fact, a loving God would never send people to an eternity in hell. Furthermore, the people who tell you these things are all cold hearted, judgmental Pharisees who are incapable of love." In the end, to warn people about sin and ask them to repent is unloving, but to tell people that God accepts them sin and all, because he created them as sinners is called "loving". What Jesus teaches us is thus exactly negated. Thus, a major problem for teaching Christianity is that mainline-anity has poisoned peoples' minds by negating the core teachings of Jesus working from their pulpits and spreading the poison out through the schools. A symptom of this is the usual polling where people report that their impression of Jesus is that he is warm, loving and fuzzy, but Christians are cold and mean.

Still, I can do nothing about mainline-anity's determination to systematically contradict and negate the plain teachings of the Bible. What I do have control over is my behavior towards others. Yes, the challenge is to be able to care for others as Jesus wants me to, but to stay true to the message that Jesus gives us. "Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is near".


Delirious said...

AMEN! I feel like you are part of my "believers in repentance" support group. lol Clearly, the God of the Old Testament is not a God who accepts sin.

The really interesting thing to me is that when I look at the group of Christians who believe in salvation based on belief only, I feel more hatred from them than I do from non-believers. They say I am not a Christian, and that I am worse than a non-believer. My husband's co-worker told him he is going to hell because he believes in repenting. One day he asked my husband, "Well, don't you, in your religion, believe that I am going to hell?". My husband said, "Of course not! You are a good man". I agree with what Mr. West; it seems to me that those who call themselves Christian, should act Christlike. I too struggle to remain Christlike and not get angry when they judge me harshly.

I think there needs to be less competition between religions, and more cooperation. As a missionary in Taiwan, I was always grateful to the Catholic church that paved the way for Christianity. It was difficult to have to start with very basics, such as who was Jesus Christ. The Catholics paved the way to bring some understanding. If we could show more tolerance of religions with different doctrine than ours, I think we would go alot further in converting souls.

...sorry ...this touched a nerve with me lol

Marf said...

Well, you don't need God or Jesus to be a good person, or a religion to tell you what a good person should be.

I figured I'd at least comment on the topic of the post, but the main reason I'm commenting here it to inform you I've tagged you with the quirks tag.

Looney said...

Thanks Marf. Yes, I did see the tag.

What we learn from Jesus is that no matter how good we try to be, there are times when (speaking for myself) I have done some things that are truly shameful. God is loving, but God is also holy, and his perfection can't tolerate my imperfection, unless somehow there is a major change. That is the theme of Christianity.