Friday, June 20, 2008

Prophetic confusion in the 1st century.

"There had spread over all the Orient an old and established belief, that it was fated at that time for men coming from Judaea to rule the world. This prediction, referring to the emperor of Rome, as afterwards appeared from the event, the people of Judaea took to themselves; accordingly they revolted and after killing their governor, they routed the consular ruler of Syria as well, when he came to the rescue, and took one of his eagles. ..."

This is from Suetonius regarding Vespasian and his son, Titus. They served in Judea and later became emperors of Rome, so it would seem that the prophecy of Daniel and others could be applied to them. Christians understand this prophecy to be about the Kingdom that Jesus has established and certainly has grown to cover the entire Earth. Vespasian's dynasty ended with Domitian and brought to an end the most decadent era of the Roman leaders.

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