Saturday, June 28, 2008

The PC USA loses a battle to LGBT-anity.

It seems they decided to lift the ban on gay gangbangers in the clergy, as this would be contrary to scripture the dissertation of some mentally disturbed theologian. Pray that the PC USA goes through a swift decline.

Update: I should keep my references up to date. Thanks to Drew for pointing this out.


Drew said...

"Pray that the PC USA goes through a swift decline."

Hardly even a remotely helpful sentiment Looney. Many conservatives still love the denomination too. Don't throw us under the bus like that.

Drew said...

Also this crap about gang banging IS lunacy! Hardly what was even remotely on the table for discussion at the GA yesterday.

Looney said...

Thanks Drew. I will keep those comments in mind as I acknowledge I am one to use extreme rhetoric.

Delirious said...

Hmm....what should we allow next? Let's see....pedofiles, gays.....what other kind of clergy should churches in this nation allow?

Delirious said...

Oh yea,..I'm not one to mince words either...and I tend to get VERY extreme when it comes to moral issues, and I make no apology for it

Drew said...

What pedophiles? And there is a difference between being direct and being irrationally explicit. Being harsh is OK as long as it is reasoned. I am certainly not one to mince words either. But my irrational ranting is published at a very low minimum unless for humorous intent. Why? If one member of the body suffers... You know the rest right?

Delirious said...

Just look at one certain well known church that has had a severe problem with child abuse, and you will see where pedophiles have been allowed

Looney said...

Just some comments on the pedophile problem:

There are many young children abused every year by clergy. When it is female children, it usually involves one or two and they seem to be dealt with, although this is certainly horrible and more must be done.

I prefer the term pederasty, which is the gay for of pedophile behavior. Regarding the US Roman Catholics, we have these data points:

1) Fact: A large number of gay priests.
2) Fact: A very large number of abused children. Typically, one gay priest abuses many children.
3) Fact: Gay priests protecting their own by shuffling them between parishes so that they can continue their practices.
4) Rumor: Non-gay priests are actively turned away from Catholic seminaries in the US.

A related issue is the push to lower the age of consent by gays in places like Canada.

While their may actually be loving, committed gays out there, what I see is a large community of very nasty predators who are determined to ride the LGBT rights wave.