Sunday, June 15, 2008

Obama and AWOL fathers.

First, I should say that this is a relatively good speech so far as it goes. The consequences of AWOL fathers are most apparent to the Black community, so I am not the least bit surprised that this is welcome and it should be welcome everywhere.

The problem with the speech isn't what he said, but rather what he didn't explain. Why is it that we have AWOL fathers in the first place?

To answer the why of AWOL fathers, there are probably at least a dozen reasons of which the relative ranking of importance is probably hopeless to determine. Thus, I will list a few in random order.

- The tendency of girls to have children from several different fathers and fathers to have children with different mothers. That always makes a great family get together for a barbecue.
- Encouragement of young people to mess around with sex in high school. If you don't discipline animals, you get wild animals with instincts to guide them. If you don't discipline humans, you get wild humans with no instincts to guide them.
- Governments reward women for getting a divorce and kicking the man out of the house. If you want welfare, you gotta throw the bum out.
- Lack of any discipline for boys in public schools. As much as Torquemada is reviled, a Torquemada Catholic Boys School would be exactly what we need - and the number of gang killings in inner cities would no longer exceed the death toll of the inquisition every year.
- Deadbeat culture. Yeh, man, like Jesus taught blessed are the deadbeats, for they shall beg on the street corners and give people a guilty conscience, because it earns better than working.
- Excessive red tape for bringing down drug lords and pimps. Maybe we don't need more police.
- LGBT culture, which reviles traditional marriage. Traditional stigmas evolved for a reason.
No doubt there are many more factors. One thing that would certainly help the black community is vouchers to get kids out of the dysfunctional government schools. Obama, are you brave enough to confront the teacher's union and the ACLU for the sake of the children?


Delirious said...

Okay..this really isn't a comment on your post, but I thought this was so cool, I wanted to send you the link. I'm not sure if these shoes would be good for running, but the technology is awesome I think.

Looney said...

Cool shoes. Now if only they could be programmed to give an electrical shock when the kids go too far!

I used some GPS systems about 3 or 4 years back, but the batteries only lasted about 10 hours. This does make me wonder how practical this will really be.