Monday, June 09, 2008

Fools on Palomares Canyon Road.

Fool #1: I should start by confessing my sins. This is a steep, windy, quiet country road with 1,200 feet of elevation gain and a 25 mile per hour speed limit. Today I decided to make it my bicycle workout. The best part of this is doing the Giant Slalom on the way out. Today there were swarms of lady bugs in the air and I don't wear eye protection, so I decided to keep my speed under 40.

Fool(s) #2: They were driving a mid-size sky-blue Mazda and speeding down the road. A maneuver from The Fast And The Furious saved them from the ditch on one of the curves. I am thankful to the Lord that they were on the opposite side of the road.

Fool #3: He was driving a white landscaping truck with an antenna on the middle of the roof. I was riding down hill on a windy section (right next to the 25MPH speed limit sign) puttering along at 30MPH. The truck driver decided to pass me at perhaps 32MPH by going completely over the double yellow lines while talking on a cell phone. Of course the outer arc of the curve is longer than the inner arc, so once he crossed over the yellow line he was no longer gaining on me and we were going side-by-side. Yes, it was a blind curve with lots of brush growing near the road. If our Fast and Furious duo decided to return this way, it would have been quite a mess.

Today's Bonus Fool: He pulled just ahead of me in his van and then did a right turn without signaling.

Obama and McCain, I don't like either of you. On the other hand, if one of you can propose to me something you will do about fools on the road and it sounds remotely plausible, you have my vote!


Delirious said...

Be older friend of mine, for years, used to commute over Kirker Pass every day to work on his bicycle. But then he was side swiped by one of the "fools" and seriously damaged his shoulder. He hasn't attempted riding his bike again yet. He was knocked out, I think he is lucky to be alive.

Looney said...

Yes, I was hit by a car once and landed in the hospital, but thankfully only the bicycle was seriously damaged. Swimming and trail running have been my preferences to keep things safer. A car somehow seems much more of a threat than a great white during an ocean swim or the rattlers, mountain lions and the occasional ornery bull. My knees haven't been doing well recently, so I moved back into cycling.

I am resisting the temptation to pray for higher gas prices to get the cars off the road!