Sunday, June 01, 2008

Broken Trail.

Some friends wanted me to see this and loaned me the video. It probably has something to do with me being a country boy and marrying a Chinese girl, although our story wasn't quite the same as the one in the movie.

The horse and scenery lover will enjoy the vistas and the herds of wild horses. The dialog is simple as would be expected from those who spend most of their lives wandering the ranges with no one to talk to. Same for the Chinese dialog. This is probably safest, because the actresses remind me of the kids in the local Chinese school. They speak Mandarin, but let's not get too complicated. They usually answer Chinese questions in English. Realistically, the 1898 period would probably have involved Cantonese speaking Chinese rather than Mandarin, but now I am getting too fussy. Better just to relax and enjoy the movie.

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Marf said...

You can pick apart things in nearly all movies. It's usually best just to let the falsehoods pass unless they're really absurd.