Monday, May 12, 2008

McCain on Global Warming.

This speech is in the more-of-the-same category. We need nuclear power plants which will presumably be built somewhere that environmentalists approve of (Mexico?) and the power shipped around the US with all of the costs and low efficiencies that go with that. We need cap and trade systems to cut corporate emissions, which means capping the jobs in the US and trading them out to other places such as China or Vietnam. There was a bit of China bashing in the debate also. Yes, China pollutes like crazy. Are we going to put tariffs on goods from countries that pollute? We could send the entire world economy into a tailspin to prove we are serious about global warming.

Unfortunately, he completely missed the problem: America's urban sprawl. As America's urban centers grow out of control, the paving over of the US guarantees a vast burning of energy just to get basic goods from A to B, along with the energy to build the infrastructure and the energy to build the vehicles. Having lived in big cities elsewhere, I actually like city living, but in America it is frequently too dangerous, especially for children. But ponder this: If there were a major supply disruption and the US were suddenly forced to use 50% less oil, what would happen?

Having failed to grasp the problem, McCain gives us this: "I will not shirk the mantle of leadership that the United States bears." That is why I am terrified of McCain.

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