Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Grieving in Sichuan.

My heart certainly goes out to these people. With all of the schools built to the same inadequate specification, a generation of children has been lost to the earthquake. The one child rule means that the surviving parents have lost their hope for a family. Thankfully China doesn't have the litigation mentality of the US, but this is still a tragedy that begs for some sort of response. Hopefully the government can take some wise action.

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Delirious said...

From what I have been reading, one of the biggest fears of the government at this time is that they have, in the eyes of the people, lost the "mandate of heaven". They are afraid of social unrest.

So many people are angry that the public schools were the only buildings in some cities to fall.

I guess what is hardest for me is that I know that China doesn't have very good emergency response capabilities. They don't have the tools, and technology that we have in the States. There were probably many lives that could have been saved if buildings would have been built better, and if they would have had better equipment to get to the victims quicker. But I just can't fathom so many people being homeless. It's such a tragedy